Client Testimonials

"Jim Cummane and the Value Creation Group have provided outstanding leadership in our business planning for several years. In addition to our own internal plan, Jim supported the national network of affiliate Australia Day organisations to create our first-ever shared business plan. It was a challenging task - and he got us over the line with great success.

Jim combines his insightful methodology with his decision making technology to draw the best from the group."

Warren Pearson AM
Chief Executive Officer
National Australia Day Council

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"I have now known Jim Cummane and The Value Creation Group's work for over five years. The Value Creation Group helped me enormously when I was appointed Managing Director of the Health Insurance Commission (HIC) in early 1998.

I quickly assessed that the organisation needed a new strategic direction to reflect the necessary changes following separation with Medibank Private. I engaged the Value Creation Group to undertake a comprehensive process including interviews with stakeholders, focus group discussions with stakeholders, staff, Board members and senior management. Jim and his team facilitated a series of strategic discussions around a new direction which led to the development of a new strategic plan for HIC.

The work done by the Value Creation Group at this time was by far the best strategic planning work that I have experienced to date. The HIC's strategic plan which the Value Creation Group helped me develop, was acknowledged around Canberra as one of the most useful and clear strategic planning documents around. I used it to drive a change management strategy in the HIC that has been most successful. I have said on many occasions that I believe the Value Creation Group to be the best strategic planning consultants in the country".

Dr Jeff Harmer
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and former Secretary, Department of Education, Science and Training

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"The Value Creation Group played a key role during my three year term as Secretary of Defence - focusing Senior Leaders on the customer(s) and their requirements: involving Senior Leaders in the development of Defence's renewal strategy and running the Capstone Program to garner their support for that strategy".

Allan Hawke
Former Chancellor of the Australian National University, former Secretary of Defence and former Australian High Commissioner to New Zealand

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"I have known Jim Cummane for over 10 years since he carried out pioneering Strategic Planning work for the Family Court. It gave enormous help to the Court not only in identifying its goals and planning its future but also in appreciating its perceived strengths and weaknesses so far as its key stakeholders were concerned. The Court had not long taken responsibility for its own financial management and this work was invaluable. Jim’s professionalism in dealing with Judges and other court staff was outstanding and ensured the success of the exercise. I was able to progress the Court in a difficult environment thereafter and implement change with greater confidence as a result of his work."

"Subsequently he performed a similar role for ACSO, which is an NGO serving the needs of ex prisoners in Victoria. It had never had a strategic plan and was in a rapidly expanding mode. Jim was responsible for the production of an excellent strategic plan that has served the organisation well. He did this in an honorary capacity and has continued to advise the organisation over the years."

"I have had experience with a number of strategic planning consultants and he stands out as by far the best that I have encountered.”

The Hon Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC
Former Chief Justice Family Court of Australia, 
Patron and former Chair, Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO)

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