Special offer for Academic Institutions

The Value Creation Group (VCG) has secured an exclusive deal for academic institutions wishing to use Comparion™ Suite - ExpertChoice’s web-based decision making software.

The web-based, non platform-specific version of ExpertChoice allows organisations to adopt a collaborative approach to decision making whilst also streamlining the decision making process. This software based on the new Microsoft® Silverlight™ platform, has unparalleled web-based performance in any environment, and unrivalled capacity for group participation.

ExpertChoice and Comparion have been used worldwide in both industry and government, by such organisations as Lockheed Martin, IBM, and the Australian Department of Defence (DOD).

The software is also used in Universities to prepare students for their future careers. World leaders in education such as Stanford, New York State, the Australian National University (ANU), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard, and Yale, include the software as a tool to better equip their students as future leaders in both government and industry.
VCG, ExpertChoice’s Australian affiliate, has secured an exclusive offer that allows academic institutions to use this software at a fraction of the usual price.

For further information on how The Value Creation Group can help determine an ExpertChoice solution for your organisation, contact VCG on +61 3 9431 2466. 

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